What Happens if a Spouse Refuses To Sign the Divorce Papers?

What Happens if a Spouse Refuses To Sign the Divorce Papers?

Just because someone files for divorce does not mean the spouses agree to it. The spouse filing the divorce (the petitioner) may want to divorce, but the other spouse (the respondent) may object to it and want to preserve the marriage. 

Many respondents in a divorce action refuse to sign any divorce papers that are filed in court (called pleadings) because they don’t want to consent to it. If you or your spouse are refusing to sign divorce papers, you should consult with a divorce lawyer to be sure you understand why you (or your spouse) are not signing and what the effect of not signing divorce papers will be.

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What Is the Effect of Not Responding to a Divorce Complaint?

Responding to a divorce complaint is the respondent’s way of telling the court and the petitioner whether they agree or disagree with the terms of a divorce. If there isn’t a response in 30 days, the petitioner could ask the court for what is called a “divorce by default.”

What Is a Divorce by Default?

In a divorce by default, a judgment of divorce may be granted because the respondent did not answer within the appropriate time limit. Generally speaking, the court will grant the terms that are contained in the petition, such as those regarding child custody or support.

Consult an Experienced Divorce Lawyer for Help

Divorces can be complicated. The process has many procedural questions that can alter the outcome of your case if you are not careful. Hiring an experienced attorney to help ensure your interests are advocated for can make all the difference.

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