10 Risk Factors For Divorce

10 Risk Factors For Divorce

Any marriage has the potential to end in divorce, but data shows that divorcing couples often share commonalities that range from fancy weddings to infidelity. With that said, if you’re considering a divorce, it is a good idea to pause and consider whether your issues with your spouse are fixable. If not, your safest first step is to consult with a Rock Hill divorce lawyer to learn more about how filing for divorce could impact your finances and custody of your children.

These 10 Factors Increase The Risk Of Divorce

Here are ten of the most common factors that indicate your marriage might be headed for a divorce. These signs don’t necessarily indicate your marriage will fail, but they do appear to be common contributing factors as to why a couple ends up calling it quits: 

1. The Age You Get Married

Many studies have shown that couples who marry at a young age are more likely to end up divorced. In particular, couples who marry before the age of 25 are at higher risk of divorce than others. 

2. Age Gaps

An age gap — a significant difference between the ages of the two spouses — is often a contributing factor to such couples splitting up. Spouses of significantly different ages are more likely to experience differences in maturity levels and differing interests and priorities that will push them further apart and closer to divorce.

3. Infidelity

Infidelity is the reason behind 20-40% of divorces. Even when an affair is an isolated event, infidelity destroys trust in ways that are often impossible for spouses to mend. 

4. Financial Struggles 

Financial security often has a direct impact on whether a couple stays married. Financial issues often lead to increased arguments, economic insecurity, and as such, a higher divorce rate.

5. Divorced Parents

Spouses with divorced parents are at higher risk of divorce themselves. A common theory states that relationship and conflict-management skills are learned through parental modeling, which means that spouses who saw their parents leave a struggling marriage might be more likely to follow in their footsteps.  

6. Different Drinking Habits

One study found that couples who have similar drinking habits tend to have longer marriages than those in which one couple is a heavy drinker and the other is not. 

Legal issues often place a serious toll on a marriage. When one partner faces charges or is sentenced to jail time, it can greatly increase the risk of divorce. Domestic abuse is one issue that has a particularly high impact on divorce rates. One study found that it was a factor in nearly 25% of divorces

8. Differing Beliefs

A difference in core values and beliefs is often a central reason for divorce. Couples who don’t take the time to learn about each other’s political and religious beliefs and long-term goals are at higher risk of divorce. 

9. Lack Of Family Support

In up to 43% of divorces, a lack of family support is cited as a key reason why couples choose to end their marriages. Support and approval from loved ones can greatly impact the length of a marriage. 

10. An Expensive Wedding

A study conducted on 3000 couples found that inexpensive weddings (those that cost under $1000) often led to longer marriages. At the same time, couples who paid for costly wedding ceremonies and receptions were more likely to end up divorced.  

Getting Help With A Divorce

If you’re feeling inclined to end your marriage, your first step should be scheduling a free consultation with a divorce lawyer. Moving past a struggling relationship can feel exciting, but a divorce can have a major impact on your life in unforeseen ways. 
Before you make choices that can harm your chance of custody or lead to large support payments, take the time to seek out legal advice that can help you determine how to get the most out of your divorce.  

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