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Whether you are in the middle of a child custody battle, facing an impending divorce, embarking on a new adoption journey, unsure about separating, or considering marriage, at Minor Law Offices, we understand that when tension is high you deserve a Family Lawyer ready and willing to fight for you and your rights.

As a Family Law Attorney, I am committed to defending your Family Rights and I work vigorously to ensure they are protected. My passion for Family Law arises from my own personal experiences, as I did not have the typical childhood. My parents were never legally married and they separated while I was very young. I’ve personally had to deal with many Family Law related issues that effected our family unit. As a result, I have first-hand knowledge when it comes to experiencing the uncertainties and emotions when family units are being threatened.

Do You Need The Help of a Family Lawyer?

I am Attorney Minor, a passionate Family Law attorney in South Carolina and North Carolina. If you need assistance from a passionate, knowledgeable, and honest, Family Law lawyer, contact Minor Law Offices today.  With our client-focus and results-driven approach, we can provide you with the legal Family Law assistance you need and the peace of mind knowing someone is going above and beyond to protect your family.

Fiercely Fighting For Your Family Law Rights!

How Can Attorney Minor Help You In Family Law?

A Family Law Attorney Committed To Advocating For Your Family Rights

Minor Law Offices is a Family-Focused, Results-Driven firm. We work diligently to offer the highest level of legal support when representing you in your Family Law Situation. Here at our firm, we reject any one-size-fit model when handling your family matter, as we understand all of clients are unique. The services we provide are always tailored to each individual client, in respect to the law, and we make sure that our clients understand how the law will affect their personal situation. If you have a question regarding the services we provide in Family Law, contact our firm at +1-803-504-0971 so that we can assist you. 

NonParent Custody and Adoption Actions

While it is true that biological parents (Mother and Father) have superior rights over third-parties when it comes to their children, there are some circumstances where children are raised by third-parties, that is family or non-family members. In fact, grandparents raising their grandchildren has become more commonplace in the Carolinas over the years. In some circumstances, these third-parties desire to gain some legitimacy regarding their status with the children that they are raising. That is, they desire to gain legal custody or in some cases, they desire an adoption and sometimes the biological parents are in agreement and sometimes, they simply are not. We can help in either scenario. Please contact us to discuss your options as a Non-Parent.

Family Law Practice Areas

South Carolina and North Carolina Divorce/Child Custody Lawyer


Divorce and Separation

Considering Divorce or Separating from your Spouse? We can help you understand the process and how it relates to your unique situation.

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Child Support

Child Support is a cost-sharing mode in which financial support is paid by one parent to the other. If you have questions about a child support calculation or need help enforcing an existing order, schedule an appointment!


Child Custody

Whether by the agreement of parents or legal determination, child custody is a very complex Family Law issue. If you need help regarding a child custody matter or have questions about an existing order, we can assist!

fathers' rights

NonParent/Grandparent Custody

There are some circumstances where children are raised by third-parties, that is family or non-family members. In fact, grandparents raising their grandchildren has become more commonplace in the Carolinas over the years. We can help in either scenario. Please contact us to discuss your options as a Non-Parent/Grandparent.

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Alimony and Spousal Support

Were you or your spouse the breadwinner in the marriage? Did you sign a prenuptial agreement? Is there a cheating spouse?  We can help you understand your chances of paying or receiving alimony and spousal maintenance?

Separation Agreements

Do you need the assistance of a Family Law Attorney to establish a contractual agreement to resolve all of the rights which arise out of marriage? Contact our office for help today!

Baby footprint


Is your name on the birth certificate? Are you able to exercise all of your paternity rights? Let’s talk about what steps you may need to take to establish paternity.

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Property Divison

Is Divorce on the horizon? Did you and your spouse accumulate a lot of assets during the marriage? Let’s talk about what you want and your rights with property division.

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Contempt/Rule to Show Cause Proceedings

Do you have a divorce/separation decree, child custody order, or any other Court Order? Have you been accused of violating the terms of the Order or has the other party violated the terms of the Order?

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Power of Attorney

Do you need to designate another individual to care for your child and make decisions on a temporary basis? 

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Estate Planning

Family changes such as Divorce can make it necessary to update your will and other estate planning documents.

Modification of Orders

When situations change, we can help you understand the process surrounding modifying Orders.

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Out-of-State Parents and Relocation

Do you need to create a parenting plan that takes into consideration the distance your child/children are located from you?

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Domestic Violence

Are you the victim of domestic violence and you need to discuss your rights and protections?


Prenuptial Agreements

Are you thinking about marriage? Are you concerned about what happens if there is a Divorce? Let’s have a discussion about marriage insurance.


A Family Law attorney Dedicated to Helping Family Law Clients Achieve Their Personal Family Goals

You Have Questions? We Have Answers!​

If you are contemplating divorce/separation, need assistance with getting child custody/visitation, have questions about child support, need child support, already have a Court Order in place where issues arise, WE HAVE YOU COVERED.  Attorney Minor handles a vast area of Family Law Issues. If you answer YES to at least one of the questions below and you require the assistance of a Family Law attorney,  call and schedule a consultation with Minor Law Offices so we can discuss your options.

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At Minor Law Offices, we understand the importance of handling family law issues when it comes to making sure your family needs are being met. We know that when facing a family law issue, it is imperative to have support, sound legal advice, and a Family Law  Attorney who is willing to go above and beyond, to help defend your rights. If you desire a knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, and fair, Family Law Attorney to help you in your time of need, schedule a consultation below to speak with Attorney Minor. We are ready, willing, and able to HELP YOU!

Why Choose Our Family Law Firm?


Caring, Compassionate, and Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney

Attorney Minor is committed to helping you in your situation whether you are facing a Family Law issue or need Business assistance.


Transparent Fees

Our Law Office takes pride in the transparency of the fees required for the services we provide. Because we understand the complexities of the legal system, we make sure ALL of our clients understand exactly what it takes to help defend your rights and in most cases, we offer a flat fee arrangement, which means you know upfront the cost of your representation.


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At Minor Law Offices, ALL of our clients are VIP!

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